Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Death of the Man that Started it all....

Reading the news of the death of a man that transformed the lives of millions of Americans during 9/11 leaves only a bittersweet feeling.

His death doesn't bring back the mother of a Junior in my high school at the time. It doesn't bring back the woman that died in a different unit of the LDS faith in the Washington area.

Osama's death doesn't bring back the lives of our people lost in Afghanistan or even Iraq (as terrorism was the excuse for the invasion). His death doesn't undo the creation of the Department of Homeland security and bring back the millions or even billions of dollars we have sunk into it and will sink into it in the future. Heck or even the trillion plus dollars we've been sinking into wars since 9/11. Osama's death doesn't bring back our dignity we lose every time we step through a TSA scanner. Or even give us the ability to carry liquids onto a plane again. Or erase the nightmare 9/11 was for many of us, even if we didn't lose anyone personally.

Did Osama deserve what he got? Totally. But the scars he's dealt to the personal lives of a select few of our people and on us as a people cannot even be recompensed by his death. I'm sure many Americans will agree, he got off easy being able to just die and not have to in any way repay all the damage he's done to our people.

And the big question: Has it really been almost 10 years? Did it really take us this long?

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