Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I should be studying but...

Battle with myself. On my mission I discovered that my body was in sore disrepair. Before my mission, I ate almost nothing and I didn't get out much. I played lots of World of Warcraft and programmed a lot for my major. That was my life. When bicycling again for the first time in years, I noticed what horrible disrepair my body was in. I bicycled pretty slow. I got better. In fact if you look at a picture of me at the MTC on facebook when I'm with my companion and then the group picture of me at the end of my first transfer in Groningen, you can see I lost a TON of weight (granted I gained like 10-15 pounds at the MTC because I was eating a lot and not burning it off..)

I promised myself I'd never let myself get in that kind of a situation again. So I've been exercising to keep my body in shape (many CS majors are in bad shape and there are some of us who used to be in top physical condition before we started the major (but I wasn't on of those people in that kind of shape when I started)). I try to do some aerobics every day and lift some weights at least twice a week. something I started noticing was the more you work a given set of muscles, the less fat there is around them. Unfortunately I hadn't found a good way to work my glutes (it's slang for gluteous maximus I hope I spelled that right...) until today! I found out that getting a small floaty board at the pool and doing laps by just kicking appears to work them (at least I THOUGHT my butt totally felt it). So yeah I did that for about 15 minutes at the pool today. It was sad because I was getting totally beat by the person in the lane next to mine. but I don't care. See I accepted the fact on my mission that my body was in horrible disrepair and I'm totally not ashamed of making an effort to fix it, even if other people at the gym/pool think I'm a weakling. And over time, I get better(at least that's the hope) so I'll have less of a reason to be embarassed. And actually it's been working. I'm still not top-notch, probably never will be, but even average is good enough for me in the state I used to be in.

And in other news, I actually managed to do a full lap of Freestyle at the pool! You have no idea how proud of myself I became.

With swimming I've discovered my biggest weakness is still my breathing (my normal kicks are weak too, my my frog kicks are okay). I feel like my body isn't used to not having a steady stream of air, so staying under the water towards the end of a lap is difficult, but I am getting better. If anyone who manages to read my blog on this distant corner of cyberspace knows how to train your body to do aerobic activity while holding your breath in regular intervals, please let me know. I saw a fully-trained swimmer do a whole lap and only breathe twice.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Most Epic 24-hour period

Just too easy. I was walking to my TA meeting and a professor and CS secretary are standing there and the professors says "O here comes the boyfriend!" And quickly retorted "Nope! the TA!" Then the professor starts grumbling as I pass them "Go figure it'd be the TA and not the boyfriend!" Well he made it way too easy for me. I turned around and said "That's not saying I'm unavailable!" The professor busted out laughing and I didn't stick around long enough to see the expression on the secretary's face, but after that spat.

Korean mojo. Okay so a long time ago I went to an activity hosted by the Korean club. I payed the membership fee because I just got back from my mission desperately needing new friends figuring I'd meet new people there and bought a shirt because I needed more T-shirts and I thought it looked cool. Well the club never contacted me. But I still wear the shirt. It gave me 3 extra random conversations today while wearing it. Two former missionaries to Korea just walked up to me speaking Korean and I was just like "I'm sorry I got this at a Korean club activity I don't speak Korean." and there was usually a short conversation that followed. Also a Korean girl I knew stopped me and asked me where I got the shirt.

Demon code. Okay for those of you who are programmers, I've been having the WIERDEST problems with my latest project, virtual memory. It actually completely works. I even fit into the 2-frame club (meaning I can manage memory with only 2 available frames) EXCEPT for the fact that when i run it for the first time with a frame count somewhere above 240 frames, it will always give me butchered ascii characters. (for those of you who don't know what this means, it means you're blowing up memory somewhere and your output will look something like:
���!����N � �I ������� "a���'� ��a�@ a�!�aE� ��� ������ခ������ �d
I ������� "a���'� ��a�@ a�!�aE� ��� ������ခ������ �d
䨨��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ess �: Move #3 to xC6EC)

Didn't know your comp could make those symbols huh? So yeah. I decided to get help from my professor. When I talked to him, he said he wanted to see my code with this glint in his eye that said something along the lines of "I know I can totally find and fix this, that's what makes me better, i've dealt with wierd stuff like this my entire life"

So I'm hoping he can help me...

The aftermath. Well it's 10:15 and I really wish I could party right now (I guess I need to eat something I haven't had dinner yet). But I feel pretty accomplished. I even got in some exercise today. It's too bad that it seems like all the people who want to do stuff with you want to do it when you're busiest....