Thursday, March 31, 2011

I realize

It's been a while, so I guess I'll just talk a little about what has been going on.

1) I'm REALLY stressed. The end of the semester is around the corner and balancing all of my classes has been a REAL pain. The struggle is coming from the fact that this is my last "real" semester here at BYU and well, that means I've been applying to grad school and interviewing for jobs.

2) I'm also happy it's almost over. I LOVE the things that I learn in my major, but I've been practically living and breathing it since I got back from my mission in Belgium and the Netherlands. I know I'll continue to learn more about this field, but I'm tired of still working on my Bachelor's degree. I want to move on to something new.

What will that new thing be? It depends. I just interviewed with Microsoft last week in Seattle, we'll see if I get an offer. I also applied for grad school here at BYU and got accepted, so I'll have a decision to make if I get an offer.

In any case if I'm doing research or real life, it will be a definite improvement over life right now.

By the way, Seattle is beautiful! I would LOVE to live there.