Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I've been away

Well at the beginning of Fall semester, my Master's proposal got tanked and I had to change it. Basically, neither me or my advisor liked my project looking back at it. So I spent a lot of Fall semester rewriting a new proposal. The good news: It passed! I have permission to move on and do the new project. The bad news: I'm awfully behind. I'm trying to get enough done now so it won't be hard to finish it off when I get back from my internship at Google this summer. I guess maybe I should make some posts about Google along the way. I'm super excited because the project seems to be very useful for the people using the service (I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to disclose).

So long story short: Sorry I haven't been around much if you liked any of my posts.

The good news: I've been swimming still! In fact, I bought some hand paddles because I THINK I'm ready for them now! Also, I got my best time so far on 1600 yds today (28:41). I'd also like to put in a good word for Yoga. The yoga I've been doing every week appears to be paying off! I don't have as many shoulder problems during swimming as I did before I started yoga. I go to a yoga class once a week and I do some basic stretches/poses right before going to bed.

The only annoying thing about it, is I'm usually the only guy there. It's weird because in Seattle, usually at least 1/4th of the class was guys. Here in Utah, like 3% (me). I don't know why but I feel like in Utah, gender associations with certain activities are a lot stronger. Which is kind of weird to me because it's not like the LDS religion preaches yoga is only for girls. O well. I'll swallow my man pride in this case for the sake of health and performance