Friday, July 29, 2011

Yes I know it's been a while

You would think with more free time that I would have been blogging more, but I actually haven't had the time to.

So the last while in a nutshell

1) I'm about to graduate with my Bachelor's in Computer Science.

2) I have a bunch of corn. It's growing. Some of it is red. I WILL post pictures. Actually, I should probably post a picture of my little "cornfield" right now

3) For you Diablo 2 fans out there, I DID beat it. But as a sorceress. I started the sorceress as more of an experiment that ended up getting a lot farther than it should have. Basically, I was happy about the free respecs they put into Diablo 2 and I was like "Hey a sorceress should be really easy now!" and made a sorceress. I start MFing a ton in nightmare and got bored and told myself "hey, why don't I just see how far I can get in Hell wearing my MF gear?" and about 3 hours later found out I had the skill to do it. I DID mix up my gear a bit because it didn't feel practical trying to handle every situation with -100 resist and no plus skills. I'll post more on this later.

So yes, more posts are on their way, Diablo series, corn and Master's Thesis based. I'm planning on stating which character I'm picking for Diablo 3 and why. And also talking a bit about my Master's.