Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Pain He Wouldn't Let Me Feel

So I have a friend who is struggling with a pornography addiction. This friend is literally thousands of miles away from me in Belgium. I figured if he was coming to me under these circumstances, that he didn't really have many people who could come to for help fighting it. That makes me feel like I have a lot of responsibility for helping him. So I decided on the next time I would fast, I would fast specifically for him. I also wanted to make this fast special in that I wanted to show Heavenly Father how much it mattered to me. As part of that, I decided to eat a special meal just before I started it. This meal would blow quickly through my system, despite having enough calories. I wanted to make this fast hurt just to show Heavenly Father how invested I was in getting him to help my friend.

It seemed to work. Two hours after my meal, I already started feeling hungry. But then things got wierd. The closer it got to my dinner time, the more my hunger seemed to fade. Usually when I've tried fasting for a dinner, it just has been unbearable, but this time it worked. Not only that, but I slept fine, which is also weird, because the few times I've done an overnight fast, sleeping hasn't gone too well for me. In terms of hunger pangs, this has been my easiest fast, which is super weird, because everything about the way I set it up should have made it hurt.

Looking back I think that this was Christ trying to show me that he suffered for my friend. And because he did that, he didn't want me to suffer for him too, even if I was trying to. I guess I'm posting this to show the world that I know that Jesus Christ is real and he suffered for us so we don't have to. Because of this experience I've learned that he not only hears prayers, but wants us to be happy. And I'm grateful for that.

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