Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oatmeal, the breakfast of champions (revisited)

I love oatmeal now, which is ironic because I hated it growing up. I thought it tasted bland and no matter how much brown sugar or fruit I added to it, that bland flavor of plain oats still grossed me out. Well, when I decided to switch to a low-fat diet (ish, I still have 1 low-carb meal a day, far after my blood sugars have dropped), I needed a simple breakfast idea, and I found one for oatmeal in a cookbook for athletes called The Feed Zone. I was skeptical about if I would be able to eat it, but it seemed the easiest meal to make given my schedule as a college student. I changed up the recipe a bit too, but I noticed that cooking oatmeal with the little bit of brown sugar, molasses and chunks of frozen fruit totally changed the quality of the oatmeal. You see, when my mom made oatmeal, she made it plain and it was my job to add in stuff after. When I'm cooking it, the stuff I want cooks into the oatmeal and consequently drastically changes the flavor. I guess the recipe I used also calls for cooking the oats in a little bit of milk later and that might be another factor, but my point is, oats aren't gross when other flavors are cooked into them, and if you haven't had oatmeal prepared in this way, you should give it a shot. My energy levels are so much higher after eating this kind of meal as opposed to my scrambled egg breakfasts.

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