Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's swimming workout

So I decided I'm going to document things I do in my swimming class this semester so I can have new ideas of how to schedule my own workouts. I'm posting them here on my blog for anyone else to use. Just as an FYI. My class in Thursdays and Tuesdays.

The workout:

200 yd warm-up.

200 yd kicking warm up.

4 x100yd on an interval of 2:30/3:00 (or 1:45/2:00 for advanced students)

4 x50yd on an interval of 1:30/2:00 (I didn't catch the times for advanced students)

6 x25 yards on an interval of :40

So just so you know the format of the times is minutes:seconds.

An interval is you do the distance required in the time slot and use the remaining amount of time in the slot to recover for the next distance swim in the set. The two times on each are an either or. If you can't do the faster one, do the slower one.

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