Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For our day...

So just before I was going to bed tonight, I was doing some reading up on the Book of Mormon. I had actually found a link to the original version with some commentary (from a non-LDS source).

As I was reading the commentary I noticed a few things

1) It seemed more honest about the Book of Mormon than most of its critics are (like citing the fact that the changes made to it since its first publication were grammatical ones, not doctrinal).

2) It actually mentioned the fact the original contained more Hebraisms than the more modern version (interesting to note, because Joseph Smith didn't study Hebrew until after the translation, and I'm guessing like many of the Hebraisms I've already heard of, they weren't in the Bible, it also makes sense they would fade as the grammar was corrected. Good Hebrew grammar isn't good English grammar all of the time). Generally I've felt like outside sources have been less likely to point out any evidence that it may be true, so the fact that it's mentioning them makes me a bit more proud of the scholars who wrote that commentary than most.

3)What I thought was interesting was a part of the commentary that talked about how the Book of Mormon seemed to discuss pretty much any topic Christianity had been struggling with at the time of the restoration (infant baptism, the trinity, etc.). What I thought was cool was as I read that statement, a flood of inspiration hit me. I realized that the records the Nephites had talked about tons of things, they were so huge the prophet-historian Mormon had to abridge them into what is now the Book of Mormon. Is it coincidence he was inspired to answer every question Christianity had been struggling with at the time? I got the feeling Heavenly Father knew the state Christianity would be in at the time and wanted to give those willing to listen the answers. As this feeling came to me I looked at my arm and realized the goosebumps across it. Because of that I realized those thoughts didn't come from me, but the Holy Spirit (goosebumps aren't always a sign of the Spirit for me, but it's not uncommon I get them when I receive inspiration). You know even though I've known the Book of Mormon to be true for a long time now, I'm grateful Heavenly Father keeps giving me confirmation it's true and keeps leading me throughout my life.

With that note I'd like to close with my testimony that I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that our Heavenly Father wants to lead and guide us through this crazy thing we call life. His son, Jesus Christ made it possible for us to make it back to Him and he sends prophets now to lead and guide us. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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