Saturday, September 17, 2011

Diablo 3 Classes and Builds

Well just so the world knows, I game, but not to the point that it is something that rules my life. It's usually something I just do to pass time when I'm not busy, not something I do religiously to a point that it defines me. Despite this, I have my favourite games and series. One of those is the Diablo series (in case you couldn't already tell from my other posts lol!).

So a new game in this series is coming out soon, Diablo 3. There are two classes that really stuck out to me based on their descriptions:

1) The Wizard


2) The Demon Hunter

The wizard sticks out because at first glance, the girl just seems plain insane an uncontrollable. Now that I think about it. I didn't notice it because of those attributes, I noticed it because I like to play casters, and that's the caster in this game that isn't creepy (black magic of the witchdoctor isn't really my thing...).

The second class that caught my attention is the demon hunter. Now I don't run around with feelings of vengeance in my heart (because hatred is a poisonous emotion), but what strikes me about this character is that they have an experience that changes them forever. This experience turns out to be something that defines them for the rest of their life and becomes the core of their reason for existence. Have I experienced something similar? Yes. Do I want to go into detail here? No.

But because I have a close affinity to the back stories of these classes, they're going to be the ones I play when I play the game (I hope my laptop can handle it..., hopefully I can get into the beta so I can know for sure if I can play it). I've already made some builds using the calculator Blizzard posted:

1) Demon Hunter Build - The name of the game with this build is critical strikes, crossbows and caltrops. My only concern about it is resource management. None of my abilities (passive or active) focuses on resource replenishment. If gear can help enough with that, it might not be an issue.

2) Wizard Build - This build is pretty straightforward. You have 3 nukes, 2 of with are spammable, the other is not and the other abilities just boost your damage and survivability. This is a pretty "glass-cannon" style build, with the main focus being on upping damage and teleporting away when things get tough. I would have gone with mirror image and the rune stone that gives them damage instead of familiar but then I realized that depending on what class you're fighting in an arena, the health on your images may be low enough that other classes could 1-shot them and essentially waste your cooldown. I believe mirror image with that rune would be a better choice though in terms of damage when playing normal game play. If you use your mirror image every time it's up, (and you're constantly fighting) it essentially gives an 84% damage increase, and I'm sure the AI on the enemy monsters will be too dumb to target your images.

To be honest, I'm really excited to try both, but the demon hunter a little bit more than the wizard. The demon hunter gameplay will rely a lot more on luck and his abilities are different from what I'm used to (because I normally play casters). But I'm sure the wizard will have its moments too.

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