Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Week's Exercise Review:

The Good:

I managed to increase by at least 4 reps on all the weights I was doing. This is big because that means I'll hit my next weights sooner. Still not strong enough to move up yet in my opinion, but still good.

Actually, this kind of pain is the pain you hope for. It's the pain that screams "I'm sore!" Both my arms and abs are sore, so I totally did a great job yesterday with my ab circuit and my weights yesterday.

Recognition: A mission buddy saw me at the gym and told me I looked a lot better than the last time he saw me. Also a girl said I was one of the "bigger" boys in terms of muscles on my team for the relay during my swim class. It makes you feel better when others are seeing the results of your efforts.

The Bad:

I cut myself while swimming. This means I need to wait a while to heal before going again. It's a chunk of skin torn out of the side of one of my fingers. The cause? I recently cut my nails and I guess there was a jagged edge on the nail on my pinky, because that's the only thing I could trace to the site of the wound. Note to future self: If you cut your nails, be sure to file them, especially before going swimming.

Epic Fail:
Realizing I had been doing the freestyle wrong for the last 11 months, even AFTER my instructor taught me the right way. I started doing it the right way, and then went back to my bad habits. That's epic fail.

YES! I managed to get in both my weight sessions, 4 sessions of aerobic exercise and both my ab circuit sessions!

I'm starting to get addicted to swimming. I went a couple more times than normal this week. This is something I'm going to have to watch to make sure it doesn't get in the way of my other priorities.

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