Monday, April 11, 2011

This week's exercise review

I guess this is a few days late, but last week's progress on my exercise schedule is really important to me.

I'm starting to get addicted to swimming. If I swim long enough I get some of the strangest sensations and when I'm done I feel supercharged. That's kind of new for me. It used to just give stress relief, not any kind of high.

I'm almost ready to push 35 pounds per arm on my dumbbell presses and still hacking away at progression on a 20 pound weight for dumbell flies and a 25 wieght for supinating bicep curls. I also started with a 60 on my "burnout" phase where I do preacher curls with a bar using gradually decreasing weight sizes.

FLIPPY TURNS! This is probably the biggest deal. I can actually do a flippy turn now (still not perfectly and still not 100% success rate to attempts, but it's still exciting!)

Something kind of cool is I'm approaching my year mark since I started exercising. Since then I've lost 20 lbs., have better posture, higher self-esteem and can eat more without gaining. Ironically enough my goal for next year is to GAIN weight but in the form of muscle. We'll see if I succeed. And to all my friends thinking about exercising, DO IT! And NEVER GIVE UP! It gets better the longer you try, starting is the hard part (especially the first few months).

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