Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Gay Marriage Debate: Can Either of You See How Insensitive You're Being?

I'm sick of it. I'll say it right here. I'm sick of seeing posts for "protecting marriage" and for "equalizing marriage." I'm starting to find both sides of this debate as highly insensitive. Don't understand why?

Okay this comment is pinned at those for gay marriage: How would you feel if it was taught at schools that gay marriage was a sin? You'd be protesting right? You'd be showing how hateful that is, right? Well guess what? You're doing the equivalent to the group you see as your "enemy." They believe that the family is an institution given to them by God for the stability and strength of society. Studies show that even with problems, children in a home where the parents are still together tend to succeed more (even when there's issues between the parents). The conservative right point to things like this to prove that God had society's best interests in mind when he defined the family for it.
What does this have to do with gay marriage being legalized? Well if it's made legal, it will be taught as "normal" and "acceptable" to children in school of people who believe in a different idea of the family based on their beliefs. How is this wrong/bad? It's teaching a religious doctrine to a people of a different religion. It's a form of religious intolerance, just like teaching homosexuality is a sin in school would be. Or like forcefully teaching Christianity to Muslim students would be. In a sense, you're trying to define someone's beliefs for them.

Now to the people AGAINST gay marriage: How would you feel if you were denied rights for loving the person you're married to now? What if you couldn't get married to enjoy those rights? Would you see this as "fair"? What if this sort of oppression was thrown on you by a different religion? You'd be just as up in arms as the pro gay marriage community is now. You'd be bashing that religion left and right. You'd see their religion as ridiculous wouldn't you?

So I'm just going to say this now to both of you: You both are being short-sighted and insensitive towards the other side.

The real solution would be for the state to define something separate that doesn't involve a religious idea, and protect rights of couples (of both kinds) underneath that new blanket. And then if you wanted to get "married" then that was something you did with your religion.

I could see members of the conservative right not liking this, but my question is: Don't you want marriage back instead of forcing it on others? Aren't you sick of seeing celebrity couples like the Kardashians ruin the definition of marriage over and over again? If this sort of change was made, then couples like the Kardashians would be getting "civil unions" and your kids wouldn't have to be taught by bad examples what marriage is, they would see that through your example and your life. The best way to teach something is to live it, right?

To be honest, I side more with the right on this topic. I've experienced things that have shown me there's more to this world than we see with our eyes and limited understanding. I'll even say it right here, God gave us the family unit and marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman. But I also accept others have had different experiences in their lives and haven't experienced anything to let them know that He exists yet. I wouldn't want to hurt them based on their experiences, but I also expect that same sort of respect in return.

EDIT: Correction to potentially offensive language. 

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