Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Workout (and maybe last)

So I think we're playing water polo the next (and last) two classes, . Before I post today's(and possibly last) work-out, I'd like to look back at the progress I've made this semester.

1) I got my best time on a 33-lap (1 mile) swim! 36:18. I'm working to trim this by a lot so when me and my brother compete at the Splash and Dash next year, I'm not the worst swimmer.

2) I can flip-turn. I'm still working on getting it into a steady freestyle for more than 4 laps, but it's coming. I guess there's a few kinks on my body orientation I need to work out, but it's coming.

3) I learned I could swim a mile. I didn't think I could, but my little brother said that he wanted to do the splash and dash as a team, and in order to, I would have had to do a mile. So after our discussion, I took a deep breath, jumped into the pool and did it. I was SO tired afterwards, but happy I knew we'd be able to compete as a team. I guess I learned two things from this. 1) You're capable of more than you know you are. 2) Sometimes you don't realize your capabilities until something pushes you to.

So here it is, the last (and final) work-out from this semester:

200 yd warm-up
Do the following twice with 15s rest between
50 yd Kick
50yd Butterfly
50 yd kick
100 yd Breast Stroke
50 yd Kick
150 yd Back stroke
50 yd kick
200 yd Free Style

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