Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday's Swimming Work-Out 3/8

Our instructor was gone, and so we had a sub (so no helpful tips : (. But on a completely different note, I noticed our sub must have the easiest job ever, write a bunch of numbers on a board and then start reading her favorite book).

So here's today's work-out

200yd warm-up
100 yd kick (I split this between dolphin and flutter kicks)
6x 25yd on a 40s interval (1, 3 and 6 fast)

Do the following 2 times:

4x 50 with 15s rest between
3x100 free style on 2:00, 2:15, or 2:30. I usually did 2:15

Afterwards, I practised flip turns. It was awesome! I love doing them, I suck at them, but flipping in the water feels awesome, it gives me a rush.

EDIT: I guess I really liked the 25 yard on 40s intervals. It really helped me focus on my stroke and I was really fast when I was focused (one of the times I got the 25 done in 21s, my target (some day) for a 50 to 200yd swim is 20s for every 25yds of it. I can't sustain that speed though. Yet...

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